vibrar vacíos

Halfhouse. Vibrar vacíos

Eulalia Valldosera and Javier Peñafiel. VIBRAR VACIOS (vibrate the void) is an examination of the diagnosis and interpretation of Halfhouse’s physical and psychological space, previously conducted by geobiologist Jordi Matamoros, from the perspectives and insights of the two artists, specialists in images of human activity.

Vibrar Vacíos is a work in progress that stems from the need to amplify or translate what they call «other languages», incorporating disciplines which run parallel to established knowledge or methodologies that have the potential to destabilize the usual sites of artistic production.

Contemporary art is as often as not the heir to modern skepticism, acting as an apparatus of legitimation for goods and ignoring many wisdoms from the collective human experience, reaching an almost irreversible separation of consciousness and information. Projects like Halfhouse allow us to experience on a more sensitive scale, to look for a suitable vibration and discover the shadows and the parallel worlds that inhabit our vernacular.

Eulalia and Javier share the activity of place-interpreter Jordi, and along with hosts and promoters of the project, Sinéad and Alberto (who live in an undefined half of Halfhouse) propose we unveil the diagnosis of the house and the garden, from the perspective of its condition as both house and place of origins, encounter and exhibition of creativity.