teatro dentífrico

Publicación y serie de fotografías, 2017.

Prix Bob Calle

Al Series

Soft cover, stapled, 500 copies, 31 with a manuscript by the author, 19p., 12x17cm, digital printing.

Teatro dentífrico’s format is inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s Modellbücher (book models), in which collage was fundamental, claiming to be a pocket edition, a kind of notebook so that those who wear it can interact with the artist and leave written comments and drawings throughout the pages, inspired by photographs and texts, which function as aphorisms proposed by the artist.

This publication presents a story, a cinematic journey through the notebook, in which we find small scenographies with a toothbrush in place of the character which we find in different situations. A toothbrush chosen for a very simple reason: the mouth, symbol of fear, vulnerability, possible cruelty – and the brush as a sanitation tool.